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Forget Everything you know about Frozen Pizza
Meet Talia, the world’s first Sleeping Pizza
Hand-made in Naples, Italy, shipped directly to you

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The Sleeping pizza

Once they are fully baked to perfection, each of our pizzas is put to sleep using our proprietary process, capturing all the flavors of the Neapolitan tradition.
All you need to do is wake them up!



The Pizza Revolution


Our Dough


Devotion to Craftsmanship


Only Genuine Ingredients


Honor Tradition

We produce our Pizzas using our proprietary groundbreaking production process, mixing ancient craftsmanship and modern technology.

We only use precious Mother Dough to make our pizzas and we do not add any chemical yeast. It is left to ferment for a full 24h before being used.

Every single pizza is artisanally Hand-Made by one of our Master Pizzaiolos and then fully baked in one of our traditional hand-built Neapolitan ovens. We only use sustainably sourced woods to fire our ovens.

100% natural, locally-sourced ingredients. No preservatives, No additives, No GMOs, No Sugar added.

Our master pizzaiolos use an ancient Neapolitan recipe dating back to 1889 to create Talia’s distinct flavors and aroma.

"Talia Di Napoli CEO Edouard Freda has developed its own patented process that allows the pizza made in Italy to be shipped to U.S. customers."

"Talia di Napoli offers an assortment of 11-inch pizzas, made from high-quality ingredients without preservatives."

"This company ships flash-frozen pizzas from Naples to anywhere in the US."

Forget everything you know about frozen pizza.