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Heating Instructions


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  • How are the pizzas shipped?

    • Your pizzas are shipped in a box that contains dry ice to keep your pizzas fresh. Once you receive the order, place the pizzas in your freezer as soon as you can. 

  • What if I am not home when the pizzas arrive?

    • We use dry ice in our packaging to keep pizzas frozen during their journey to your home. Dry ice will keep the packaging cold and the pizzas frozen for a couple of hours after your scheduled delivery.

    • We recommend ensuring that your pizzas are stored in your freezer as soon as possible.

  • Is the cooler in the box made of styrofoam?

    •  NO - our cooler is produced using polyurethane packaging foam, which contains no styrofoam and complies with international legislation restricting the presence of heavy metals.

    • Our coolers can be reused and can participate in the Recycling Sealed Air Instapak Foam Return Program. For more info, visit www.sealedair.com/instapakprotects
  • How do I handle/store the dry ice? 

    • Keep away from the reach of children. Do not inhale or ingest.
    • Always handle Dry Ice with care and wear protective cloth or leather gloves whenever touching it. An oven mitt or towel will work. If touched briefly it is harmless, but prolonged contact with the skin will freeze cells and cause injury similar to a burn.
    • Leave it at room temperature in a well-ventilated area (you can leave it in the box, open) It will sublimate from a solid to a gas.

  • What if my pizzas arrive defrosted? 

    • If the carrier (Fedex or USPS) delivers the package late and your pizzas are defrosted, please capture photos of the product and packaging, and share them with us along with your order number, tracking number and contact information. You can reach us at ciao@taliadinapoli.com. We recommend discarding your defrosted pizza.

  • One (or more) of my pizzas arrived broken  

    • Please capture photos of the product and packaging, and share them with us along with your order number, tracking number and contact information. You can reach us at ciao@taliadinapoli.com. 

  • How can I tell if my pizza is expired? 

    • You will find the expiration date on the nutritional label on the back of each pizza.

  • Do you offer Gluten-Free options? 

    • Yes ! We are pleased to offer a fantastic and tasty Gluten-Free Pizza. Please visit our Gluten Free product page for more information.

  • Where are your pizzas made? 

    • Each pizza is artisanally handmade in Naples, Italy. We do not outsource any aspect of the production. Read the full story behind our unique pizzas here.

  • What ingredients do you use? 

    • We only use 100% natural ingredients sourced from small local producers in Naples, 00 flour, and mother yeast left to ferment for 24 hours. For a detailed list of the ingredients we use, check out the product label your pizza. 

  • Where do you source your ingredients? 

    • All of our ingredients are sourced from small, local producers in the Naples area and other nearby regions in Italy. You can find out more about them by visiting our Base Ingredients Map here

  • How long should the pizza cook in the oven? 

    • Our heating instructions were developed to provide the best guidelines for each pizza. Please follow the steps listed here or refer to the instructions found in/on our packaging.

  • Do you send coupons or samples? 

    • While we do not currently send samples nor coupons, we offer free shipping through our website. We also encourage you to sign up to our Newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to stay up to date on new pizzas and promotions.

  • Do you offer vegan/vegetarian options? 

    • All of our pizzas are vegetarian and we are currently developing a vegan pizza, slated to launch later this year. Stay tuned!

  • Are your pizzas Kosher? 

    • Our pizzas are not Kosher.

  • What is your GMO policy? 

    • We do not use GMOs in our pizzas, and never will. We are committed to offer pizzas completely free of preservatives, additives and GMOs.

  • For people with food allergies – what other foods are prepared in your Naples (Italy) facility

    • We currently only produce pizzas in our facility. However, our products may contain traces of soy, wheat and milk. Please check the nutritional label on the back of each pizza or refer to our product page on the website.

  • How do I connect with your PR team

  • How can I request donations for charity/non-profit events?

    • Please contact us at ciao@taliadinapoli.com and include as much information as possible on your event/organization.

  • I’m a retailer/distributor: how can I connect with your sales team?

    • For all retail sales and distribution inquiries, please contact our Sales Director Michael Cavallaro at mcavallaro@victususa.com